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Our E.L.E.V.A.T.E method of approach is consistent throughout each engagement, no matter the size or complexity of your project!

Experienced Professionals

Our business is built on trust and relationships. That is why our technical consulting services and industry experience are so valuable. We not only become familiar with your process, but strive to understand the roles of your employees and how you do business. Once we learn about your business, we combine our industry experience with deep knowledge in process and technology to deliver a successful solution tailored for your organization.


At Hillside, our primary responsibility is to help our clients implement the best solution possible. That is why we pride ourselves by listening to your requirements and providing options that will meet these needs. Through discovery we will define the opportunities and boundaries of your solution. We listen to your ideas and work collaboratively to build a solution that addresses your marketing needs.

Extensive knowledge transfer

Our success for transferring knowledge is heavily based on interactions with your team. Along with providing extensive documentation during each engagement, we can identify knowledge gaps, create a plan to address these risk areas, and deliver on the plan to quickly engage your team with the new system.

Valuing our relationships

In a knowledge-based relationship, we strive to develop a collaborative outcome from the beginning. We understand our clients offer complementary expertise and capabilities that allow us to achieve a successful outcome that neither could bring about without the other.

Appropriate and honest advice

You can expect clear, honest answers as to what will work and what is unnecessary for your project. We won’t insist on upgrades that only benefit us and are of no value to your business. We are transparent in all phases of an engagement and will make recommendations based on gaining measurable results for your organization.

Tactical approach

We prefer an evolutionary or staged-delivery life cycle that is flexible and collaborative. This approach prioritizes requirements into manageable phases. Each phase provides for technical and management review, giving you a high level of visibility into the design and progress of your solution. This approach accommodates your immediate business needs without requiring your organization to change overnight.

Empowering your team

We want to make sure you get the most out of your new technology, maximize the use of your software, and empower your marketing team to move forward with greater confidence and independence. We will make sure you’re using all the great features and functionality your software offers to help you work as efficiently as possible. We’ll prepare your staff for the change and manage the process from beginning to end.