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Steve Sadler


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Tejaswini Nayak

Lead Multi-Solutions
Architect (MSA)

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David Hoye

Technical Solutions

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Denis Novik

Senior Developer

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Will Najjar

Technical Consultant

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David Kangni

Solutions Architect

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Tom Hickerson

Software Development Manager

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Igor Vorontsov

Full Stack Developer

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Vlad Bohomolov

Mid-level Developer

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About Steve Sadler

Steve Sadler is the Principal at Hillside Consulting.


Before founding Hillside, Steve held the position of Technical Director at Hub Marketing Solutions. There, he led the charge in implementing Adobe Campaign Marketing Cloud technology for the retail and hospitality sectors.


Steve’s journey also includes valuable experience in technical project management and business analyst roles at Equifax. Throughout his career, he has successfully supported renowned clients like Advance Auto Parts, Pier1, and EFI, delivering top-notch marketing technology solutions and software development services.


Steve’s impressive educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts, complemented by a client/server certification from Boston University.  Moreover, he holds the prestigious title of Adobe Certified Developer, a testament to his expertise in the field.


When he’s not busy making a difference in the consulting world, Steve enjoys spending quality time with his family. His hobbies include fishing and canoeing, providing him with a perfect balance between work and relaxation.

About Tejaswini Nayak

Tejaswini is a seasoned digital experience consultant with a wealth of expertise in the business consulting realm.  With over 10 years of experience under her belt, she has honed her skills and become a trusted advisor to numerous companies worldwide.

One of Tejaswini’s standout achievements is her Adobe certification as a business and technical consultant, showcasing her mastery of the Adobe Experience Cloud.  She is also well-versed in many other marketing tools and platforms including Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC.).

She has dedicated over 10 years of her career to successfully implementing marketing technology solutions for a diverse range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, telecom, and utilities.

Tejaswini holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technology from Anna University in India, providing her with a solid foundation for her professional endeavors.

When she’s not immersed in the digital world, Tejaswini loves to unwind and indulge in her favorite pastimes. You’ll often find her engrossed in a good book, expressing her thoughts through writing, or exploring new destinations during her travels.

Hans is a talented developer who is currently part of the Hillside Consulting team. 


With his expertise and specialization in Adobe Solutions, Hans brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He has dedicated over five years of his career as a technical lead, successfully implementing Adobe solutions for a diverse range of international clients.


Hans’s educational background is equally impressive. He holds a master’s degree in IT & Electronics from the prestigious University of Antwerp, providing him with a strong foundation in his field.


With his technical prowess and industry experience, Hans is a valuable asset to Hillside Consulting and ensures that clients receive top-notch service and solutions.

About David Hoye

David is a savvy technical consultant who brings over 10 years of digital marketing experience to the table.  Having provided services across a diverse range of sectors like retail, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, government, and telecom, David has honed an adaptable skillset that allows him to deliver solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.


As a specialist in Adobe’s Marketing Cloud applications, particularly Adobe Campaign and Zeta Marketing Platform, David possesses deep technical know-how to help brands execute integrated digital campaigns that engage and convert. He consults on technical implementations, infrastructure, integrations, and more to ensure smooth execution and measurement of omnichannel marketing activities.


David doesn’t just bring technical skills to his clients. He leverages insightful analytical thinking coupled with a solutions-focused approach to translate complex requirements into workable plans. 


When not consulting, you can find David pursuing his lifelong passion for sailing. He enjoys racing sailboats and gives back to the local community by supporting sailing programs. This allows David to apply lessons in fluid problem-solving, quick pivoting, and managing change – valuable skills he brings back to his consulting work.


Armed with over a decade of well-rounded experience, David makes lasting impacts through his specialized expertise in Adobe technologies and passion for collaborating with clients to achieve digital marketing success.

About Denis Novik

Denis is a seasoned Senior Solution Architext at Hillside Consulting Group. 


With over five years of experience, Denis has become an expert in the architecture, design, and development of Java applications for the web. His impressive skill set also includes implementing comprehensive automated testing systems.


Throughout his consulting engagements, Denis has worked with a diverse range of technologies, including Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Pentaho, and Spring. He has successfully contributed to various projects, leveraging his expertise in these platforms.


Denis’s ability to mentor other developers and his exceptional communication skills make him an invaluable member of the team. He excels in effectively prioritizing tasks, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and with the utmost quality.


Denis is a proud Kharkiv National University of Economics graduate, where he gained a solid educational foundation.  Currently, he serves as an Application Developer for multiple companies in the health sciences sector, where strict adherence to data quality and good clinical practices is essential.


With his extensive experience and dedication to excellence, Denis continues to make significant contributions to the field of application development.

About Will Najjar

Will is a seasoned technical consultant with more than ten years of experience in digital marketing. Throughout his career, he has worked across a variety of industries, honing his adaptable skillset to deliver customized solutions for each client.


As an expert in marketing technology applications, particularly Adobe Campaign and Zeta Marketing Platform, Will possesses a comprehensive understanding of technical implementation, infrastructure, and integrations. This knowledge allows him to help brands execute seamless integrated digital campaigns that drive engagement and conversions.


Apart from his technical expertise, Will leverages analytical thinking and a solutions-centered approach to transform complex requirements into actionable plans for his clients. His experience enables him to apply fluid problem-solving, quick pivoting, and effective change management skills in his consulting endeavors.

With his extensive experience and specialized knowledge in marketing tools, Will is committed to creating a lasting impact by partnering with clients to achieve success in digital marketing ventures.


Outside of his professional pursuits, Will finds enjoyment in playing music, as well as coaching baseball and tennis.

About David Kangi

David is a Solutions Architect with over 15 years of comprehensive experience in IT consulting, software architecture, and marketing solutions implementation. His expertise spans across all stages of project development, including requirements gathering, functional design, technical design, data modeling, and development.

David brings a wealth of knowledge to every project he undertakes. His blend of technical & business experience has been instrumental in scaling Adobe’s delivery reach across the globe.

David’s track record of translating business challenges into technical solutions in truly impressive. His dedication to excellence and commitment to client satisfaction have earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor and mentor in the Adobe Community.

David holds a Master degree in IT & Data Science from the prestigious University of La Sorbonne in France, providing him with a strong foundation in his field.

About Tom Hickerson

Tom Hickerson is a consultant and engineering manager with over twenty years of experience, working with technology and managing others who do.


A seasoned Java programmer, Tom has worked with a number of different products in both open-source and enterprise domains, focusing on reliability, performance, and usability. In his career as a manager, he has worked with a number of global organizations working across multiple continents, and has been instrumental in sourcing, hiring and mentoring effective teams for projects within the Hillside Consulting Group.


Tom received an MS in Computer Science from Tufts University, and an MA in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts University. He also completed ArsDigita University, a one-year intensive program in Computer Science.

About Igor Vorontsov

Igor Vorontsov is a proficient full stack developer, currently workihg in the educational field. Igor’s expertise covers a range of technologies, including PostgreSQL, Spring Framework, jQuery, Liquibase, Jenkins, and Apache Tomcat.


Igor’s professional journey began at Telesens Academy, where he completed a comprehensive course in Quality Assurance. This course served as a pivotal step in his career, equipping him with a strong theoretical foundation and practical skills that have been instrumental in his professional growth.


Varied experiences has empowered him to build and manage complex systems effectively, and develop robust applications with efficient client-side scripting. This has also provided him with valuable insights into the source control, ticket management, and design of database schemas.

About Vlad Bohomolov

Vlad Bohomolov is a Mid-level Developer at Hillside Consulting Group.


With three years of professional experience in software engineering, Vlad’s expertise lies in utilizing technologies such as Java, Spring, JavaScript, and relational databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL to create efficient and scalable software applications.


Vlad is a graduate of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, where he acquired a foundational education. Throughout his career, Vlad has worked on diverse projects, including an accounting system, a cryptocurrency wallet, and applications for educational institutions.


As Vlad continues to hone his skills and expand his horizons in software engineering, he remains committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.