Companies engage with their customers regularly through marketing communications via multiple channels. Traditionally, the method to target these customers is to design numerous lengthy campaigns and workflows that take significant time to build and manage.

Adobe Journey Optimizer helps to create automated customer journeys seamlessly. These journeys can target users through email, SMS, direct mail, and push notifications. Several multi-channel campaigns can be combined into a single journey panning over many days.

For example, when a user signs up for emails for a brand, they receive a welcome email on the first day with a discount code immediately. After two days, they receive a reminder via SMS that their discount code would expire the next day. Suppose they are not signed up for SMS but opted to receive push notifications. In that case, they receive the same information through a push notification. If the customer makes a purchase, they drop out of this journey and enter another targeting purchaser. If not, they receive a new discount code through a push notification on day seven. Hence, recipients receive multiple marketing communications tailored to their interests, actions, and purchases.

Further enhancements include adding personalized offers to these communications using the Adobe Experience Platform Offer Decisioning Engine. Parameters such as offer eligibility criteria, the number of times to display, and expiration date can be customized according to the requirements.

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