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Web Development Services

The Hillside Group has expanded its offering to include services and consulting with customer Software Development. 


Here are examples of our core service offerings, ready to be tailored to your company’s needs.

Example of What’s Included:

  • Team of developers (1 team lead and 2-3 developers)
  • Available during US working time zones
  • Team lead to strategize solutions, manage the project, and coordinate deliverables
  • Includes testing, QA
  • Documentation

Example of What’s Included:

  • Single developer or a team of developers
  • Work on enhancements to existing codebase per requirements
  • Includes testing, QA
  • Documentation


Example of What’s Included:


  •  Debugging and after-development support
  • Assistance with coding questions, monitoring, and best practices
  • Up to 30 hours of support time to be used on an as-needed basis



Work With Us

Leading Edge Teams: Innovative and Proficient

We have been working in Ukraine with Ukrainian and American developers to deliver successful software development projects since 2018.


Ukraine has emerged as a powerhouse in the field of web development, boasting a robust and highly skilled workforce.  Even after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine that began in 2022, the region continues to be one of the best available opportunities for IT outsourcing.


Our continued collaboration is meaningful to both sides, as Ukraine’s web developers continue to play a significant role in shaping the global landscape of digital innovation and technology.