Users are more likely to engage with a brand when they receive personalized offers tailored to their interests. Hence, companies look at different channels by which they can send customized offers to their customers, such as web, email, and mobile devices. These offers can be configured in Adobe Offer Decision Engine (ODE) and sent through Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO.)

Offers can be created in ODE based on many decision criteria, such as past purchases, engagement on previous campaigns (opens and clicks), and demographic data. Eligibility conditions can be created using segments or filtering conditions in the offer. These can be ranked by priority using specific rules or an artificial intelligence (AI) model.

ODE’s most useful features are creating dynamic offers and customizing the number of times they are visible to users. For example, suppose an offer sent via email has expired. In that case, a new offer can be displayed to the user without resending the email by simply re-publishing the offer decision on ODE. Further, companies can specify the number of times the offer must be shown to users collectively or per customer.

Further enhancements include using offers in multi-channel journeys to maximize visibility chances and create custom ranking models to prioritize them.

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