Companies predominantly use emails to send marketing communications to their customers. Since there are different types of emails, such as newsletters, seasonal discounts, upselling information, etc., marketers must have numerous creatives ready. Developing these email markups and styles takes time and effort because of the complex codes and technical know-how.

Adobe Email Designer in Adobe Campaign and Adobe Journey Optimizer enables marketers to create emails easily with minimum effort. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface helps in designing emails faster than coding from scratch. Additionally, it’s convenient to templatize parts of the content, such as headers and footers, further saving time.

Email Designer has many advanced features like adding HTML code to the design and CSS properties. In addition, it easily integrates with the rendering tool Litmus to ensure the email looks correct on all browsers and platforms.

Moreover, the Email Designer’s strongest capability is the creation of personalized content. The tool supports complex functions such as conditional content and displaying eligible offers.

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