Migrating to a new marketing platform can be challenging and associated with many risks. Overcoming these barriers requires careful planning and implementation. Additionally, identifying and analyzing some of these blockers in advance would help ensure a smooth transition to the new tool. Through our experience and expertise in this field, Hillside has helped many clients minimize these risks.

Below are three significant risks your organization may encounter while switching its marketing tool and how Hillside can help you mitigate them:

  1. Budget overruns

Your company could exceed your original tool migration budget if unforeseen expenses are not accounted for during the planning phase. Unexpected costs can incur during configuration, training, third-party integration, and data migration.

Hillside provides our clients with a migration plan detailing all the execution steps and possible blockers to prevent unanticipated expenditures. Further, we document the technical solutions, create user manuals, and offer deskside coaching to avoid additional onboarding costs.

  1. Technical issues

Technical challenges like product bugs, performance issues, and compatibility problems are common when moving to a new platform. While it is impossible to eliminate these, it is essential to minimize them and resolve them immediately.

Hillside works with your marketing tool vendor to understand these problems and devise alternative solution approaches. If there are known issues, Hillside informs our clients in advance and recommends workarounds.

  1. Onboarding and adoption challenges

Your organization’s marketers might find adapting to the new platform difficult even after the initial training. They may not have the confidence to implement the new tool and troubleshoot any issues that may occur. Further, during the transition period, there could be a chance to continue to execute the old tool along with the new one.

Hillside offers our clients on-demand troubleshooting, configuration support, and deskside coaching services to empower your marketers. Additionally, our detailed solution design documentation and user manuals aid in the easy onboarding of new users.

To learn more about the other risks we have helped our clients mitigate and gain access to our case studies, contact us on our website or email us at info@thehillsidegroup.com.