In today’s competitive digital landscape with numerous marketing platform vendors, it’s a challenge to decide on the right one for your company. Previously, we discussed the important factors to consider while switching your marketing tool and the transition process steps, including comparing marketing tool vendors.

Let’s explore more about the five key criteria to consider when assessing the right marketing platform for your organization.

  1. Price

The new platform you decide for your company must be cost-effective. However, evaluating costs does not mean only the price of the product. You will need to consider factors such as migration, implementation, training, and maintenance costs.

  1. Features and Technologies

Your new marketing tool must meet all your technical requirements. It should also have all the advanced AI and automation features to help you attain your future goals and stay ahead of your competitors. The interface’s user-friendliness, ease of onboarding and implementation, solutions’ scalability, security compliance levels, integration capabilities, and frequency of technology upgrades should be considered.

  1. Vendor reputation and product reviews

It is critical to evaluate vendor reputation by looking at market research reports that classify marketing platform companies as leaders, challengers, etc. Additionally, product reviews are a useful aid to understand what companies similar to yours are liking and disliking about the marketing tool.

  1. Demos and Trial Periods

Seeing is believing in marketing technology implementation. Though it seems like a particular use case is doable using the tool’s features, in reality, issues can occur. Hence, it’s important to request a demo from the vendors to showcase their platform’s capabilities. Hillside also recommends that our clients ask for a trial period to sample the tool.

  1. Vendor Support

The vendor’s support is crucial for the successful implementation of their marketing tool. Their client care team must respond to your questions on time and provide you with a robust solution within specified timelines. Further, they must perform periodic health checks and maintenance on your platform instances.

Hillside has worked with many established and emerging marketing platform vendors. We can provide you with a detailed comparative analysis of marketing tools and help you choose the one that best fits your company. To learn more about our migration and other marketing technology solutions, visit our website or email us at