Companies communicate with their customers through multiple channels like email, SMS, and push notifications. They engage with different vendors for each channel, who, in turn, have their own endpoints and API calls. These endpoints and API calls can be configured in Adobe Journey Optimizer to send marketing communications.

Adobe Journey Optimizer supports REST API calls for endpoints. It provides different types of authentication, such as basic, key-based, and custom authentication. Custom authentication is most recommended because the access tokens expire periodically, providing enhanced security.

Traditionally, emails, SMS, and push notifications are configured and sent from AJO directly. However, third-party API calls are handy when the sending email IP addresses are yet to be warmed, or a channel has not been configured yet. It can also be used for ad-hoc journeys that must be processed urgently.

Adobe Journey Optimizer can process millions of API calls within minutes. Hence, it’s important to throttle API calls to the capacity limits that the endpoint can tolerate. Alternatively, the third-party vendors must queue the excess API calls and process them in batches.

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