Users subscribe to marketing content through various channels. They primarily use the preference center on a company’s website or online shopping platforms to opt in. To opt out, they utilize email unsubscription pages or an SMS stop feature. Hence, processing this data from various sources and storing it in a single place is important.

Adobe Experience Platform enables users’ subscription and unsubscription data in the consent and preferences data schema. This table contains opt information for all channels. Further, the dataset can be modified to store consent at the channel and subscription service levels.

The consent and preferences table can be populated near real-time via API calls or periodically through batch files. Additionally, Adobe Journey Optimizer has subscription lists updated near real-time when users opt-in or opt-out through its landing pages. Each subscription list is associated with a built-in segment that adds or removes subscribers based on the consent and preferences table updates. This segment data can be used in multi-channel journeys to target only opted-in users.

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